Abbott Will Destroy Australia

Image: Abbott will destroy Australia with his Royal Commissions
Abbott will destroy Australia with his Royal Commissions

Royal Commissions: how Abbott will destroy Australia

Abbott siphons funding from Labor’s Royal Commission into Child Abuse to channel into his Royal Commission witch-hunt into Pink Batts.

Abbott subverts Royal Commissions for his own political purposes

Tony Abbott will destroy Australia. Why else would Tony Abbott defund the Royal Commission into Child Abuse? Abbott doesn’t care about victims of child sexual abuse and rape at the hands of clergy and other institutions. He cares about himself.

Does Abbott’s character reference for convicted paedophile priest, Father John Gerard Nestor play any part? Has Abbott’s reference for Nestor been considered by the Royal Commission into Child Abuse? After all, Abbott’s glowing character reference described Fr Nestor as a “beacon of humanity”. Abbott was a Howard Government Minister when he provided it.

For his next magic trick, Abbott conjures another $100m+ to fund his witch-hunt to investigate home renovations Julia Gillard did more than 20+ years ago! Your Granny can’t afford to go to the Doctor’s, but, Abbott can blow taxpayers’ money on malicious gossip. Gossip that’s unfounded — and over two decades stale.

Abbott now wants to dilute the Future of Financial Advice (#FOFA) consumer finance protections. A Senate Inquiry recommended a Royal Commission investigate a finance scandal involving the banks. The Commonwealth Bank, along with other financial advice providers, bled 10,000+ ordinary Australian investors dry.

Abbott continues to prevaricate on establishing a Royal Commission into the Commonwealth Bank scandal to help the Banks victims get fair compensation for their losses.

Not even John Howard used Royal Commissions like this

Have you ever heard of any other government that uses Royal Commissions in the partisan fashion the Abbott Government routinely employs? Once Abbott’s term is over anything his Government has dismantled, will never be recovered.

Abbott will destroy Australia beyond repair.

In my view, John Howard was one of the worst Prime Ministers in Australia’s history. He indefatigably redistributed wealth upwards. Howard became known for creating the Age of Entitlement.Back in the day, Crikey wrote about John Howard’s corporate #WealthFare.

We saw John Howard’s WorkChoices legislation obliterate workers rights. It’s replacement, the Fair Work Act, never fully restored conditions lost by workers. Workers are still worse off all these years later and despite a change of government.

Abbott continues to destroy our Australia. With his legislation; his cuts to welfare and community services via Hockey’s budget savagery; and, by using his Royal Commissions to advance his own political ideology.

This lunatic, Tony Abbott, has GOT to go.

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