#Canadia – Abbott makes a fool of himself (and us) again

ArrivalInCanadiaAbbott has lurched into Canada. Yep, it was bound to happen, yet another international faux pas. He makes Australians look like a nation of pillocks. Canada morphs into #Canadia: the Canucks laugh it off, and the Aussies cringe in mortification.

Cringeworthy again when according to Abbott “There is no sign that [carbon] trading schemes are increasingly being adopted, if anything, [they] are being discarded.”

If Abbott has his way, Australia will be the first country to repeal a #CarbonPrice scheme. Going backwards not forward and leaving a bigger mess for future generations to deal with. That puts Abbott on a collision course with Obama who is pushing hard to regulate carbon.

Here, have your own cringe at Abbott’s #Canadia faux pas

#Canadia can be added to his many international faux pas this trip. Capping off his recent #DDay70 faux pas where #PrimeEmbarrassment Abbott twice veered into stupefyingly excruciating, live bumblings.

AbbottDDay70ServiceSnoozeFlashed around the world were live images of Abbott fast asleep; snoring and on the verge of drooling, slack-mouthed right through the commemorative service .

Of course, #PrimeEmbarrassment Abbott toured graves and laid flowers and generally pretended he understood the solemnity of the occasion.

But the international embarrassment of our nations ‘Leader’ asleep like a baby during this event is truly discourteous and disrespectful.

An adult doesn’t fall asleep any where and every where whenever it suits them. An adult will employ a range of strategies aimed at fighting jet lag to keep themselves awake during very public events like this #DDay70 commemoration.

Not only did his snoozing disrespect the fallen; it disrespected our nation as Abbott was there to represent us. Heaven forbid.

Later Abbott, uninspiring plagiarist that he is, stole Charles Bean’s words and used them without any attribution during his speech at a French school.

DDay70PlagiarismAbbott could have been the statesman and referred to the words of Bean during his speech, tying the past and making it personal to those living in the present.

Having not a ounce of grace, Abbott like a word thief, simply regurgitates Charles Bean’s words — palming them off as his own and losing an opportunity to bring those of us today closer to those whose lives were lost in the fields of France.

You can’t educate a mug. A mug without courtesy and manners is bound to make mistakes time and again.



  1. Even though I pressed the “Like” button it doesn’t mean I like TA pervasively pillocking up our international image. Just clarifyin’ 🙂 Also, can’t enlarge the memes enough for legibility – will rifle through your Twitter pics.

    • I understand. BTW, with the pix, these older posts use a different posting system. Newer posts, clicking on the image should provide a legible full set l sized version.

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