Opal Tower – yet another Berejiklian stuff up

Opal Tower and its structural integrity crisis strikes again. Residents are told to evacuate for the second time in four days. You may recall, the first evacuation occurred on Christmas Eve. Within Opal Tower a crack appeared after a big bang and other noises were heard by residents.

Again, and this time all residents of Opal Tower have left. Sure, emergency accommodation is to be provided. They’ve heard they will get compensation. Nobody knows when, how much or how to apply. That’s great. Well done!

Seriously? It shouldn’t have ever happened. These apartments cost close to a cool $1million for a two bedder. With two bathrooms mind you. Wow! What a bargain!

Investment property? Hey, let’s negative gear it. On second thought, let’s not. That’s a whole other rant.

As a result of Sydney’s out of control real estate market, someone’s made a hell of a lot of profit from Opal Tower. Not the taxpayer of course. Property developers. Builders. Real estate agents. Bankers and financiers.

In effect, the current residents appear to have been stiffed for a second time. Let’s face it, after this structural integrity crisis who’d want to live in this building? Thing is, no matter what the Opal Tower developers or the builders say confidence must have waned over the buildings integrity.

If I lived in Opal Tower, I’d be moving. FAST! Consequently, I’d probably make a loss.

Who’s to blame for Opal Tower crisis?

Firstly, I’d say Gladys Berejiklian. As a matter of fact the O’Farrell/Baird and Baird/Berejiklian NSW Liberal Party Governments have “owned” the legislative framework concerning property development for almost a decade. Not to mention also “owning” the regimes for compliance and enforcement of building standards – residential and commercial.

Image: Merry Christmas Opal Tower love Gladys Berejiklian - MIA
Image: Merry Christmas Opal Tower love Gladys Berejiklian – MIA

NSW Liberals and Nationals have given up on all responsibility for safety and compliance in the building industry. Remember Grenfell Tower? Despite what happened in Grenfell Tower we still have buildings clad with unsafe flamable materials here in NSW.

By and large Berejiklian and her useless government have sat on their hands. What’s the holdup Gladys? Surely you’re not waiting for our own home grown Grenfell Tower tragedy before you pull your finger out?

Don’t forget — this Liberal NSW Government also forced council amalgamations. Lo and behold! The Opal Tower wasn’t certified by a state government authority. Nor was it certified by a council inspector.

Opal Tower was given the green light and certified as safe and sound by the private industry.

Make of that what you will …

#LNPfail during crises like Opal Tower

The Liberal National Parties Government doesn’t handle crises very well do they? You know my thoughts about how they screwed up the Martin Place siege. You know, I’ve thought about the Sydney Siege a fair bit. I’ve seen the #4Corners expose on the Martin Place Siege (Watch: Part 1 and Part 2).

I remain convinced it was a huge stuff up. Regardless of Baird being Premier at the time, and Berejiklian being Premier now – the Liberal and National Parties are absolutely hopeless in any time of crisis. No matter what that crisis may be.

Meanwhile, this time around the government is completely absent from Opal Tower. The Berejiklian Government has abandoned these NSW citizens during a Christmas holidays crisis. Gladys is off enjoying her Christmas break — I haven’t seen any evidence that she’s even lifted a finger (or a phone) let alone visited the Opal Tower.

Definitely MIA. As are her Ministers.

Put Berejiklian’s Government last

Consequently, when you go to vote in March 2019 – put the NSW Liberal and National Parties last.

After all, it’s where they’ve put you for nigh on a decade.


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