#NYE2019 and I’m sitting here considering 2018. Contemplating 2018’s highs and lows. Pondering the vicissitudes of the past 12 months. Musing over … ok, you get the picture.

I was thinking about what I would like to see the new year for 2019 bring in and what changes I would “wish” for in 2019.

#NYE2019 — my wish-list

  1. Ditch this stale State LNP Government;
  2. Fumigate this putrid Federal LNP Government;
  3. #StopAdani;
  4. Re-establish a State Public Housing Authority. Outlaw “No grounds evictions” for renters;
  5. Pill testing and a review of our drug legislation; and,
  6. For me personally – continued good life

Obviously this list is not exhaustive. In light of there being so much that needs to change I limited the list to just six things. Consequently, you may think that there are things requiring greater emphasis than those wishes I’ve listed.

For example, world peace is right up there of course. So too an end to famine/drought. Reversing global warming and reducing pollution too are fantastic ambitions. All of these are worthy of appearing on a “wish-list” of course and I’m not denying they are not important.


But, I’ve picked these six issues. By all means I’m prepared to demonstrate that my wish-list is as valid as any other. Even if it may not be the most ambitious. Regardless, let me take you through the elements of my wish list and explain the why. Ready?

1. Ditch this stale State LNP Government

This Liberal NSW / the IPA Government is well past its use by date. First we had Barry O’Farrell. Second we had Mike Baird. Third, Gladys Berejiklian. All three of them and their buddies intent on wrecking our state.

To clarify, the OFarrell/Baird/Berejiklian Government has:

  • Trampled on our rights to free speech;
  • Abandoned injured workers in favour of insurers and employers;
  • S-T-A-D-I-U-M S-P-L-U-R-G-E (need I say more?);
  • Private certifiers mean our buildings are falling apart around our ears;
  • Abolished the public sector safety net for aged, disability and home care services;
  • Pimped out our new hospitals to private industry so now our hospitals are run as profit making ventures. In effect, profit before sick people;
  • Continued public transport failures means a commute is now an expensive and often inconvenient joke; and,
  • Pandering to developers by selling off our public buildings of significant heritage.

Need I go on? In essence, after 8 years of uninterrupted neo-con privatisation and de-regulation, I think enough is enough.

2. Fumigate this putrid Federal LNP Government

Similarly, this Federal Liberal Australia / the IPA Government must go. Obviously this Federal Government cares only for itself. Looking back at 2018, the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison Government has delivered:

In effect, this is a government who cares only for themselves along with their pals/donors. In any event, you and I are rarely if ever considered.

3. #StopAdani

Honestly? Are we still trying to stop a mine nobody wants? Please! There’s plenty of reasons to #StopAdani. And everyone knows it.

Regardless of the Liberal Government’s failure to regulate carbon and despite the absence of a national energy policy that shifts our coal burning economy to clean and sustainable power sources — this mine still makes no sense.

Perhaps ditching this COALition Government would #StopAdani and this impending madness. Maybe it wouldn’t. However, ditching Morrison’s Government would be a good start, put it that way.

Anyway, in essence, these are my views on #StopAdani this #NYE2019.

4. Re-establish a State Public Housing Authority. Outlaw “No grounds evictions” for renters;

Poverty is rife so this “wish” can only make sense for the needy. Given that the O’Farrell/Baird/Berejiklian Governments have abandoned public housing over the past nearly a decade is truly shameful.

Surely in a rich country like ours there is some role for our governments to provide this safety net? Notably, our Liberal/National parties Governments shirk their responsibility to the needy and less fortunate.

Obviously wages are stagnant! Increasingly, employment is insecure. In reality penalty rates for weekends and public holidays have been slashed. Consequently, homelessness is on the rise. After all, this is not rocket science.

Owing to mental health being a very low priority of either Gladys or Scott—both of whom are NSW citizens—a large proportion of those living on the streets of Sydney and larger regional cities in NSW increasingly have some mental health issue.

In the hope of reducing homelessness, re-establishing a public housing authority which owns housing stock for lease below market rents is crucial. Affordable housing is in crisis in Sydney this #NYE2019.

Meanwhile, along with affordable housing, outlawing “no grounds eviction” is also important to provide renters in the private market with stability.

5. Pill testing and a review of our drug legislation

On #NYE2019 people are out and about looking for fun in many different ways. Another young person has died at a music festival. “Just say no” doesn’t work.

While Gladys may never have gotten off her gourd on pot, pills or lines: drugs are out there and our young people are dying. In a mature society, surely once you realise that zero tolerance is failing (or has already failed) shouldn’t we should look at change and explore viable alternatives?

For starters, legalising pot isn’t going to end the world. It hasn’t in the Nederlands. More recently, look at America. A number of states already benefit from a legal pot business. Government budgets are being bolstered and the tax collection from legal pot is growing. Pun intended. There’s been no discernible increase in crime now pot is legal.

Moreover, relaxing restrictions on pot may lead to a decline in experimentation with more “heavier” drugs.

Maintaining a zero tolerance war on drugs will continue for the foreseeable future. Regardless, pill testing simply makes sense. Pill testing is not a “green light to taking drugs” nor will it “open the floodgates”. Significantly, pill testing is a sensible and pragmatic approach to harm minimisation.

More importantly, pill testing does save lives. That’s what I’m thinking about this #NYE2019.

6. For me — a continued good life

Despite all the gloom and doom that we’ve been exposed to in 2018 I remain optimistic. While the cost of living definitely bites me too, conversely, I know there are those who are far worse off than me.

Yes, I’m lucky. I have good health, a comfortable home and I don’t go hungry. I have clean clothes. A car in the garage and all the mod cons.

Mostly, I enjoy my job. Although my role is high pressure it’s also rewarding. Furthermore, I’m paid fairly well. On the other hand though, who’d turn down a pay rise?

Usually I’m not one to brag. Generally though, I’m happy with my lot. 2018 really hasn’t been so bad for me. I’m thankful for that. Accordingly, and maybe even a touch selfishly — I’d like for that to continue in 2019.

Additionally, reviewing 2018 and contemplating #NYE2019 I hope that next year is even better. For all of us.

Happy New Year to you. My best wishes to you for a happy, healthy, prosperous 2019.

Image: #NYE2019 - Happy New Year - Sydney fireworks bring in 2019
Image: #NYE2019 – Happy New Year – Sydney fireworks bring in 2019

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