Wentworth tsunami inundates Liberals

Voters at yesterday’s Wentworth by-election sent the Coalition into a minority Government death spiral. This damage to the Coalition Government rests with Peter Dutton. Wentworth was really only required due to this fool’s avarice, ambition and mendacity.

It was Dutton’s hubris that was the major factor. True, Cormann’s stupidity also had a big part to play. Now, they’ve gone and shot themselves in the foot.

Clearly the Coalition is on the nose even in “safe” blue ribbon seats.

Where is the smiling assassin?

Smiling assassins — Morrison and Dutton:
have a giggle in Parliament in happier days.
But who’s laughing now?

Dutton’s vanished! Previously Dutton was a media whore constantly looking for air time and headlines. Now Dutton can’t be found.

Dutton: shameless and graceless. Once Dutton lost the #LibSpill he should have resigned in disgrace from Parliament.

Rabid Dutton’s antics to evict Turnbull should see him punished when Morrison calls a general election. Angry Dickson voters can, and should, sack Dutton at the next Federal election.

Although we are talking about Queensland and remember, some loony banana benders keep giving Pauline Hanson a gig.

Wentworth: ousting the Liberal National Government

The last five years of the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government proves the Australian Liberal Party’s complete disregard for:

Image: John HoWARd – fails to save Wentworth for the Liberals

Naked ambition and self-interest is fundamental to the Liberal Party. Dutton put a face to it. There are others: Ciobo, Frydenberg and Barnaby. Morrison as well. They are all ambitious and self interested to the exclusion of the greater good for the office they serve..

Consequently, the primary motivation while in office is looking after themselves. Epic rorting continues unabated while forcing ordinary workers and the needy to tighten their belts. This is in all Liberal Governments DNA. This is true at Federal and State levels.

Liberal Party mates and donors always profit at tax payer expense. Besides, the rest of us mere mortals are inconvenient and only useful at election time.

This must stop. We need governments which work for us — ordinary citizens — not the politicians and their pals.

Above all future generations of Australians need protection from exploitation. Privatising our public services to their mates for profit is immoral. Selling Australia’s assets and social programs cheap to donors is also wrong. Placing profit before people when it comes to vital services is abhorrent.

Save Australia by putting the Liberals last because if we don’t, Australia as we know it is cactus.

Wentworth swings — coming to your electorate!

Phelps heads to Canberra as an “independent”. Time will tell how “independent” she will be. I have my doubts and I hope I’m wrong.

Livid voters in Wentworth protested at the ballot box because Dutton’s failed coup resulted in Turnbull resigning from Parliament.

Those crazy Libs and Nats must be crying bitter tears into their Froot Loops the morning after Wentworth.

Dutton wanted Turnbull gone. Now, the Coalition’s one seat majority has dissipated. Leashing Morrison’s rampant conservatism and religious zeal is a good result flowing from the Wentworth by-election.

Panic must now be striking sitting Coalition members with slim margins. Losing a safe blue ribbon seat like Wentworth is a great achievement for democracy. Similarly, we now have to turn up the heat in other Coalition seats!

A decimation of Libs/Nats at the next Federal election is clearly possible. It’s time to #ChangeTheRules and reclaim our society from the greedy 1%.

A 20%+ swing would decimate Morrison’s Liberals at a Federal election. We live in hope because after five years of the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison government is four and a half years too much.

Kerryn’s Wentworth votes clanger

To conclude, Kerryn’s acceptance speech was a doozy. Because for a split second, she thought she’d won Warringah off Tony Abbott.

Image: Phelps Wentworth votes acceptance speech clanger
Image: Phelps Wentworth votes acceptance speech clanger

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