Turnbull’s petty vendetta continues

I’m unsurprised #TenBuckTurnbull continues his petty vendetta against the ABC. It’s breathtaking that any Government would wage a petty vendetta against the public broadcaster. I can’t recall Rudd or Gillard Governments lodging complaints with the ABC. Nor can I recall the Hawke or Keating Governments meddling in the ABC’s editorial content.

Unlike the Abbott and Turnbull Governments whose tenures have seen complaints lodged with the ABC aimed at manipulating content.

I’ve written before on #TenBuckTurnbull interfering with the ABC and his attacks on Emma Alberici.

Alberici’s problem is that she’s smart, honest and cuts through the rubbish spewed daily by #TenBuckTurnbull and his team of economic incompetents. Add Alberici’s gender into the mix and she becomes a target of a rampantly misogynistic Liberal National Government.

#TenBuckTurnbull’s petty vendetta continues

This week it was reported that #TenBuckTurnbull and Mitch Fifield both lodged complaints about another Alberici story. Now I’m getting outraged.

This time though, the ABC internal review has backed Alberici’s story and dismissed the complaints.

The #COALition’s budget revealed that #TenBuckTurnbull would slash $84million from the ABC’s budget.

Wholesale slashing of the ABC’s budget and this continual interference in editorial content by #TenBuckTurnbull and his Minister’s will see the ABC transition into the official propaganda Broadcaster of the LNP.

This can’t be allowed to continue.

The ABC is inundated with IPA #rwnj’s and libertarian freaks. Few alternative voices are given air time. Tune in any day and you will see discussion panels on #BreakfastNews and #TheDrum chock full of #rwnj’s and IPA tossers.

This has to stop. Australians deserve an unbiased public broadcaster. The ABC’s news and current affairs programs should include a diversity of views so the public can make informed decisions.

#TenBuckTurnbull should keep his hands off the ABC! The ABC should stop its appeasement of #TenBuckTurnbull’s LNP.

Appeasement didn’t work for Neville Chamberlain and it won’t work for the ABC!

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