Turnbull activates Guthrie’s pet censors

Aaaah, Guthrie’s ABC. If you stopped by earlier, you know I think Guthrie’s ABC is the Turnbull government’s official megaphone.

Guthrie’s ABC navigates a craven path in its quest to appease Turnbull’s Government. Shamefully, appeasement comes at the expense of informing the general public.

To some degree it’s understandable as Guthrie’s ABC is under siege from all quarters.

Poor old Aunty Jack!

Internally: successive Coalition Government’s have appointed its stooges and hatchet-gals to the ABC Board. BTW, neither Guthrie are related but spot the “Lefty” outta that lot anyway!

Externally: the ABC is roundly criticised by:

  • the IPA (more on these mongrels later)
  • the lunatic left (where to start?)
  • garden variety right-wing nut-job (aka #RWNJ) trolls
  • its viewers (me included)¹
  • politicians (mainly Coalition members)
  • media moguls (Murdoch in particular)
  • shock jocks (Gloria Jones with Ray Hadley bringing up the rear)
  • their non-ABC media contemporaries (looking at Grattan)
  • taxi drivers (I don’t Uber)
  • hell, everyone!

¹NOTE: I may fit into one or more of these categories. Send beer or chocolate if you need to know more.

The IPA wants to flog the ABC and SBS off ASAP. Despite that it sends its brain dead Libertarian experts to spruik its insane ideology at every available opportunity.

Are the arses of the IPA‘s himbos and helium head Lieutenant’s welded onto the ABC‘s seats? You see them on air more often than not.

I’m convinced five minutes air time would have these IPA “intellectuals” attending the opening of a new dunny — at West Toowaggamattamurra Heights — as long as an ABC camera crew were filming.

Alberici was censored — and Turnbull is behind it!

It’s true. Turnbull and other Government Minister’s wrote letters of complaint about Alberici’s article. Naturally ABC Management deny external pressure influenced the decision to censor Alberici.

In an affront to our democracy and a travesty of the ABC‘s Charter, Guthrie’s ABC pulled the story despite it being in the public interest.

Was Alberici factually wrong?

Let’s get one thing straight about Emma Alberici, she knows finance. Alberici’s body of work has previously been lauded by her peers.

Since my last post, I’ve noticed some respectable “finance heads” independently support Alberici’s conclusions.

Oh wow! Saul Eslake confirms Alberici may be onto something …!

Forget Twitter

Alberici’s arguments hold water outside of Twitter. Alberici’s article was highly critical of trickle down economics. The ABC previously published similar negative analyses before — by men — without any calls for censorship (or letters from a sooky-la-la PM).

Remember Julia Gillard’s daily excoriation by ABC news? Julia didn’t go running to Mark Scott (another Liberal stooge). Compare Julia’s composure under fire to Fizza’s.

Turnbull cops the odd critical article or rare on air comment and runs squealing to Guthrie.

Now — I’m not saying there’s anything gender related here — but its awfully funny isn’t it? When I say “funny” I don’t mean funny ha-ha either.

Why was the Alberici article pulled?

The Alberici article was pulled because she “strayed from analysis into opinion”.

Oh give me a break! How can analysis be opinion free? It’s ridiculous.

Alberici looked at the facts. She undertook her analysis. She then came up with a conclusion. An opinion. A result.

A number of independent finance experts and non-ABC employees have drawn similar conclusions. There’s no escaping fact — trickle down economics simply does not work.

The myth that Alberici helped bust — Guthrie wants to perpetuate. What’s wrong with this picture?

Poor old Fizza Turnbull

Turnbull can barely hold onto “power”. Eliminating any analysis criticising his many policy failures is his highest priorities. Turning around Newspoll after losing nearly 30 polls would be another. Good luck with that, Fizza! Not.

Where’s the outrage?

After Turnbull runs squealing to Guthrie, Alberici’s article miraculously dissipates back into bits and bytes from which it was crafted.  If you are interested in what all the kerfuffle is about read Alberici’s censored article here.

Turnbull undermining ABC independence has evaded close scrutiny due to Barnaby Joyce’s latest débâcle.

Barnaby, aka #RedOctopus or #Beetrooter is caught up in #RootGate. #RootGate allegations includes Joyce is a Deputy Prime Minister who:

  • is boozy and promiscuous and can’t keep his cock in his pocket
  • can’t ethically manage his workplace relationships
  • hypocritically has a different set of family values depending on if he’s in the public eye, or in private
  • lacks scruples and influenced his ministerial colleagues to specially create high paying publicly funded jobs for his pregnant mistress
  • persuaded Turnbull and other Coalition members to help cover up these jobs for his pregnant mistress
  • immorally rorted taxpayers via travel allowance claims
  • is shacked up, living rent free with his pregnant mistress after asking a party donor for “help”.

It’s also been alleged Joyce’s benefactor may have benefited from some of Barnaby’s beneficent Ministerial decisions. That’s yet to be fully investigated.

Like John Hewson, I believe Joyce should be sacked or resign from the office of Deputy Prime Minister. Joyce should resign from Parliament altogether.

Innumerable times — from illegally sitting in Parliament for a decade to #RootGate — Joyce has demonstrated a lack of credibility, judgment, morals and scruples.

Joyce is unfit for Parliament. Turnbull’s rank Government barely clings to power with a one seat majority. Past history shows Deputy Prime Minister #Beetrooter is incapable of doing anything remotely honourable. Joyce’s resignation is unlikely.

ABC is held hostage by Coalition Government bean-counters slashing its budget

The Australian public was told back in the 1980s that the ABC cost each of us 8¢ a day, nowadays, it’s budget has been halved to 4¢ a day.

Clearly indefatigable and relentless chipping away at its funding forces ABC management’s compliance with chaotic, banal and spiteful Coalition Government jealously clinging onto power like a forsaken barnacle.

ABC management have failed to learn that appeasement won’t ever satisfy a bully.

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