Your deficit levy is a tax Tony Abbott

Image: The Liar's #DeficitTax or #RobinHoodTax
Image: The Liar’s #DeficitTax or #RobinHoodTax?

A levy is a tax.

If Tony Abbott introduces a #DeficitTax, he proves himself a liar.

Simple. Truth.

Tony Abbott, your way slugs me and every other citizen. It hits poor people hardest. You want to slash pensions. You want to charge to visit the Doctor, undermining the spirit of universal health care. You want to levy me a #DeficitTax. Temporarily. Yeah, right.

Why not a permanent, reliable, pain free source of Government revenue?

A #RobinHoodTax slugs the wealthy, international corporations (infamous tax dodgers like Apple/Google exist), hedge funds on their international banking and financial transactions. A tiny tax (0.05% and maxing out at 1% – depending on the amount of the transaction) could raise upto $20 billion per year.

Every international banking or financial transaction incurs the #RobinHoodTax. It’s small. Easy to collect. Cheap to administer. Almost impossible to evade.

Your ordinary, every day domestic banking and other financial transactions never incur the #RobinHoodTax.

A #RobinHoodTax targets wealthy individuals and corporations. Ask yourself, how often do YOU do international banking? When was the last time YOU made an international financial transaction? Probably not as frequently as a Murdoch or a Packer; nor as often as Apple or Google.

Think about it. A #RobinHoodTax makes very good sense. The mega rich banks and multinational corporations can afford a #RobinHoodTax more readily than you or I can afford to pay a #DeficitTax.

If you agree, please help spread the word and share it around. We need to get a critical mass behind a #RobinHoodTax as the media seem content to push for a #DeficitTax on everybody.

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