Something Good – Utah Saints

(’08 respin)

This amazing video combines a great track, good sampling and excellent dancing. I’ve loved Something Good – Utah Saints ’08 respin from the first moment I saw it.

I’m actually old enough to remember the original version of Utah Saints Something Good. The original version was good when it was first released and was played in every club in Sydney it seemed. The ’08 respin ramped it up an octave or two.

I was having a quiet pint with the wife see. And this chap comes in — like a lunatic!
Dayn Sherwin

The whole premise of some dood quietly rocking into a local pub (where nothing exciting ever seems to happen) and start dancing crazy is just mad!

It was the freshest move I’ve ever seen. Like he was floating …
Benjamin Pew

The locals seemed to be having a good time that’s for sure. While I like the whole video, I must admit around the 1:30 mark, the dood rocks up the centre of the dance floor, folds his arms looking real kewl, and the locals just follow suit. The dood is like the King of the Pub dancefloor and he’s as pleased as punch with himself.

I don’t know what came over us. We just got up and danced with him!
Danyelle Brent and Friend

I was always told, “Essex girls dance around their handbags” so I’m not sure where this pub is because there wasn’t a handbag in sight.

I’ve never seen anything like it in my life
Benjamin Pew

I gots to agree with Benji. It was one of the most incredible dance spectaculars I’ve ever laid eyes on. If I ever get to the UK I’m going to hunt down @SlashWilko‘s local pub and take the dance floor over.

I wonder if she’d join in …


Courtesy of Ross Bowler you can see the original version below.


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