Are right-wing nut-jobs trying to take over the world?

Image: logo's of the world's Tory parties

How can a right-wing nut-job Tory be a Liberal? Go to Australia. It’s Orwellian isn’t it?

The Tory global domination theory applies across the western world. Behind the scenes, are they all linked up?

Wake up will you?! The right-wing wants everything to fail. They want to starve you into submission and they want to buy everything dirt cheap.

They want complete control over our workplaces from payday until we retire. What do right-wing nut-jobs care if Antarctica is ice-free? Our oceans are rising; and we if we keep going, we wont be able to breathe normally in our toxic atmosphere.

The conservative right relentlessly try to tear down health care because if you are sick and need it, too bad. You are costly and useless to them and are better off dead.

Under Tony Abbott’s Tory regime, Australia is rapidly approaching the lowest common denominator of US Wages policy and health services.  At the same time as Obama has introduced universal health coverage; the Republicans are trying to tear it down.

War and mass human misery is business and profits to them. While the mass of humanity starves and lives in poverty, they sit in their mansions and plot on how to increase profits. They drink lightly sparkling mineral water while when you turn on your tap and your drinking water is highly combustible.

Do they scheme together on how to take over the world and subjugate the rest of us?


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