#OpCharlieHebdo – Anonymous declares war

In the wake of the Paris Charlie Hebdo atrocities and the other crimes which followed, it is being reported by TechCrunch and others that Anonymous has launched #OpCharlieHebdo and is now at war with Al Qaeda and ISIS.

The Orator speaks in French and calls out to Anonymous supporters everywhere to join #OpCharlieHebdo. The video has been subtitled in English.

The following text about #OpCharlieHebdo was also uploaded to pastebin:

Image: Anonymous message to Al Qaeda and ISIS
Image: Anonymous message to Al Qaeda and ISIS

#OpCharlieHebdo is a Very Good Thing!™

Anonymous embarking on #OpCharlieHebdo declares war on ISIS and Al Qaeda. #OpCharlieHebdo is a warning to murderous militant zealots everywhere — “Expect your destruction”.

If Anonymous can succeed in searching out and bringing down the social media accounts of Jihadi terrorists, it would be dealing a body blow to those organisations intent on promulgating rampant fear and murder across the globe in the name of religion.

This is something world governments have so far failed to achieve. Governments in many countries, Australia included, have enacted ever more draconian laws in an effort to stop terrorism — without success. Individual freedoms and civil liberties have been stripped in the name of anti-terrorism. As the world saw in Paris, to any avail. Innocent people were still murdered by these religious zealots and insane lunatics.

In 2015, Social Media is an essential tool for terrorist groups to recruit alienated and angry young men. The aim of Al Qaeda and ISIS is to destroy our society as we know it.

If Anonymous can bring down terrorists social media accounts, I think it can only help to make the world safer from these psychotic murderers.

Image: #OpCharlieHebdo - Anonymous declare war on Jihadi Terrorists - Source: LeSoir
Image: #OpCharlieHebdo – Anonymous declare war on Jihadi Terrorists. Source: LeSoir

Knowledge is free. We are Anonymous,
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

While being unable to recruit or organise may not totally obliterate these terrorist organisations — it may slow them down. In the process, stifling their effectiveness and ability to renew their ranks.

I think that’s got to be a positive outcome from Anonymous #OpCharlieHebdo. What do you think?


    • Hehe. True hey?! BTW, this page has gotten heaps of hits since it was posted on one of Anon’s BB’s. More power to them if they can take down these terrorist organisations preying on chumps to go off an murder people.

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