Crooks: evict Liberal Party from Government

Crooks — that’s the Liberal Party. It’s funny that the Liberal Party screamed blue murder with the ALP infrastructure spending during the GFC. Every time these crooks had TV or radio airtime it was always the same message.

“Debt and deficit disaster” these crooks screamed. “The ALP waste money!” they hollered.

These are Liberal Party lies. By far, the Libs are crooks who don’t care about frittering away tax payer dollars. Markedly, the Libs squander tax payer dollars in innumerable ways.

Parakeelia crooks

The Parakeelia scam involves a company somehow owned by the Liberal Party. Parakeelia charges politicians $2500 for voter monitoring software. So, via Parakeelia the Liberal Party crooks gouged nearly a million dollars from taxpayers.

Importantly, this taxpayer rort went straight into the Liberal Party’s coffers. I’m not going to write extensively about Parakeelia. You can read more about Parakeelia at Independent Australia.

To conclude: nothing ever came from the Parakeelia rort. For one thing, the Media largely left this scandal alone. Chiefly because Rupert Murdoch has a strangle hold on our news organisations.

Significantly, Rupert Murdoch is also heavily involved with the IPA.

Image: Liberal Party: dumb? Crooks? Dumb crooks?
Image: Liberal Party: dumb? Crooks? Dumb crooks?

The Forgotten People

This scam involves charging tax payers $9000 for copies of Robert Menzies’ broadcasts. These broadcasts began in November 1941. However, the books contents is available on the internet. For free.

After all this time, why anyone would care about these speeches is unknown. However Nicolle Flint, Eric Abetz, Andrew Laming, Jonathon Duniam and Paul Fletcher have all rorted taxpayers by buying multiple copies of the book.

To clarify, the Liberal Party have ties to the Menzies Research Centre who prints this book. Consequently, taxpayer purchases of the book prop up the Menzies Research Centre. Not to mention the Menzies Research Centre props up the Liberal Party with its biased research. Like a dog eating its own vomit.

Image: crooks dodge the media when going gets tough
Image: Recycling an old meme: Crooks dodge the media when the going gets tough

IPA crooks?

I’ve already written about the IPA and its links to the Liberal Party. The crooks at the IPA are registered as a charity. Subsequently, they pay no tax.

Also, their donors are known misers who minimise their tax contribution to the nation.

Minimising tax is not illegal. However, they are immoral crooks all the same who just don’t want to pay their fair share of tax.

Further, the IPA has infiltrated our governments. The IPA intends to advance its right wing “Libertarian” agenda.

The IPA’s policies result in the sell off of publicly owned assets. The IPA would also abolish social programs. In fact the IPA hates Medicare. Other examples on the IPA wish list include the sell off the ABC and SBS.

Watch this space!

As new Liberal Party scams come to light, I’ll update this page. If you have any suggestions on other Liberal Party scams, add them to the comments. Thanks.

Image: Crooks - HoWARD was the worst PM ever
Image: Crooks – HoWARD was the worst PM ever


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