Berejiklian: Gladys is mad, bad and dangerous — you know?!

Berejiklian and her Government’s agenda is truly dangerous. In reality, this peril is not even hidden. Whether it’s privatisation or de-regulation – Gladys and her arrogant government is dangerous.

And she’s proud of it. For instance, Gladys lauds her record on the:

  1. privatisation of NSW public assets such as electricity and Lands Title Registry;
  2. wrecking our public transport network;
  3. stuffing up our public education system;
  4. pimping our public health system for privately owned profit;
  5. demolishing the public sector aged, disability and home care services safety net;
  6. de-regulation of anything and everything;
  7. closing down the city after dark; and,
  8. water theft, and increasing neglect of rural NSW.

I don’t. I wouldn’t be proud of this record. It’s a disaster for our society. But, then again, I’m not a right wing nut-job and darling of the NSW Liberals and the IPA.

Berejiklian is simply hopeless

As Transport Minister, Gladys was as dumb as a bag of hammers. Only Andrew Constance rivals Berejiklian’s incompetence. Both have jeopardised public safety and convenience for a failed ideology.

As Treasurer she was a failure. Now, she’s Premier of débâcles. Every major stuff up of the O’Farrell/Baird/Berejiklian government has involved Gladys — in one way or another.

Granted, she’s only following the IPA’s master plan. Accordingly, NSW citizens will pay heavily to boost the profits and bonuses paid to donors and pals of NSW Liberal/National parties. However, we’ll also pay more in many other ways.

We’ll all pay more of our dollars out in fares, tolls and charges. Despite wages stagnating, work becoming less secure and the erosion of our working conditions.

Moreover Gladys’ government ransoms our civil liberties. Also under threat is our right to free speech. For one thing, Gladys has undermined our right to hold future Governments’ to account. To clarify, the Berejiklian new electoral funding laws restrict third party campaigning during an election.

That means less opposing voices being heard. Despots and dictators outlaw dissenting campaigns as well.

Berejiklian and her bumper surplus

Yet, Gladys sits on a bumper surplus. Namely, a surplus funded by the fire sale of every state owned asset she can get her hands on.

So why is it so expensive living and working in Sydney?

Wrecking our public transport system

Opal Card fare gouging, the Sydney Light Rail disaster, the North West Rail link stuff up and the fire sale of Sydney Ferries.

Who could forget the inconvenience of the Berejiklian Government timetable changes? Drivers striking due to safety concerns over fatigue was a poor start to 2017. And what did Gladys do? She sued the unions.

Our trains remain problematic as the transport budget is strangled, continually frustrating commuters and staff. This is classic privatisation agenda strategy. Break it, then sell it. To your donors and mates.

Stadium splurge

What are we seeing with this bumper surplus? Taxpayer money splurged on demolishing and rebuilding 20 year old sport stadiums. Why? The Los Angeles Olympic venue has stood the test of time when if first hosted the Olympic Games in 1932.

In spite of her poor record with the Sydney Light Rail, education, public private partnerships in health and transport, Berejiklian expects us to believe she can build stadiums in time and on budget. Conversely, her track record proves none of her infrastructure projects have ever met budget targets or go live times.

Stuffing up our public education system

Schools continue to be sweltering in summer and freezing in winter. Berejiklian has no money for air-conditioning in our classrooms. Our public schools are dilapidated and falling apart. Schools remain riddled with deadly asbestos. Vital reading programs are slashed – without notice.

Image: Happy New Year 2017 as Berejiklian slashes intensive reading programs in NSW public schools
Image: Happy New Year 2017 as Berejiklian
slashes intensive reading programs in NSW public schools

Yet the public schools infrastructure and education budgets remain inadequate despite this bumper surplus. Why Gladys?

Pimping our public health system for privately owned profit

The horror story that is Northern Beaches Hospital continues to unfold. Staff are in a pickle and senior management have resigned en masse. Problems with medical supplies are rife. At one point, there was a threat to cancel elective procedures.

All because Gladys believes that there is no role for government in providing health services. Why Gladys?

Demolishing the public sector aged, disability and home care services safety net

The NDIS has been completely buggered up in NSW under Gladys Berejiklian.

Just as Howard did with the Commonwealth Employment Service, Berejiklian has thrown the aged, the disabled and those requiring home care services to the wolves that comprise the non-government providers. Now quality of life is in jeopardy for the sake of saving dollars.

Consequently NSW is the only state in the country without a public sector aged, disability and home care safety net. Why, Gladys?

Privatisation of anything and everything

The list of privatisations Berejiklian has been involved with is extensive: electricity utilities, Land Titles Office, prisons, ports, and Sydney Ferries to name a few.

De-regulation has gone crazy under the NSW Liberal Government! Did you know that no government agency was involved in certifying Opal Tower as safe and sound?

For these reasons it seems Berejiklian does not believe there is any role for Government in the provision of essential public services. Why Gladys?

In March 2019 don’t vote for Gladys Berejiklian

Why, like her federal counterparts does Gladys turn a blind eye to the poor corporate behaviour of Liberal / National parties donors?

These are some examples in a long list of failures on Berejiklian’s part while she’s been in government. This includes a wilful neglect of essential public services. Further, privatisations and de-regulations have added to the demise of NSW. Additionally, wasting taxpayer dollars on vanity projects like sporting stadiums and a 13 km long light rail don’t help you or me eat, shelter or work.

Voting for Berejiklian in March 2019 is a wasted vote. Voting for Berejiklian will secure the continued dereliction of NSW.

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