Asian Cup 2015 spectator antics

Australia’s Prime Moron — nobody likes him

The Asian Cup 2015 Australia v Kuwait game saw yet again, the Prime Moron jeered and booed by the crowd.

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The parochial sell-out 25,231-strong crowd, who roundly booed Prime Minister Tony Abbott at pre-game ceremonials, was hushed in just the eighth minute when Kuwait scored as a familiar crack appeared in the Socceroos. Source Yahoo!7

Abbott’s Asian Cup 2015 humiliation

As always, Abbott stood around with his stupid shit eating grin on his face. You’d think after the NRL Grand Final, Abbott would make himself as scarce at sporting events as he is from #QandA.

If he keeps rocking up at sporting events — like the Asian Cup 2015 — I predict the Prime Embarrassment will keep getting booed and jeered.

Some people never learn.


This was my first attempt at self hosting video. Next time I’ll do HD video. So apologies for the crappy pictures. But, its really the sound of Abbott being booed and jeered by the crowd we want to hear. Isn’t it? 🙂

If the commentators can stop talking while the crowd shows Abbott complete disdain — I’d appreciate it! Thanks in advance. Hehe 😉

Thanks to @LizBuff46 and @vogrady2132 for locating the video!

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