Abbott’s #QandAry: too chicken to go on #QandA

AbbottGillardQandAOnce upon a time, we had a bold, visionary Prime Minister who stood by her convictions.

Even when polls were low, she never fled, dodged or avoided. White-anted from within her own party, under constant and relentless attack by the Murdoch Press — Julia Bishop as Prime Minister always fronted up before the cameras.

The first and only Prime Minister to ever stand before the cameras, and a hostile and arrogant partisan press, she took a series of hour long, open slather, no holds barred questions, in a live national interrogation.

Prime Ministers’ Howard, Rudd and Gillard have all been on #QandA.

During their term of office. In some cases, on multiple occasions.

So where’s Tony Abbott? And why is he dodging #QandA?

It’s been [countup date=2013/09/18-10:30][total-elapsed-timer][/countup] since Tony Abbott was sworn into the highest office in the land.

Staggeringly, its been [countup date=2007/08/27-21:30][total-elapsed-timer][/countup] since Tony Abbott last appeared on #QandA. For the record, that was WAY back on 27 August 2009.

How about it Tony Abbott? You’re supposed to be a Prime Minister. When are you going to be a Prime Minister and appear on #QandA? Are you prepared to be the only Prime Minister never to appear on #QandA?

We’ve all got some questions we’d like to ask you.

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