Abbott’s killing off Medicare

You know its true.

I’ve already written about some of the possible outcomes of Abbott’s killing off Medicare — you know — the “NO CHANGES TO MEDICARE” changes.

Abbott and his Tea Party mates are running around saying Medicare is free and its unsustainable. What rubbish! I pay a Medicare Levy. Most likely, so do you! In fact, from this financial year, I’ll have to pay the Medicare Levy surcharge. I was happy to do it before Abbott decided to kill Medicare off.

The media are reporting on Abbott’s Medicare changes. As of next week, Australian’s are most likely going to be paying a minimum of $20.00 for a short visit to their GP’s.

What is this new $20 GP fee all about?

As part of a suite of health funding cuts announced by the Abbott government last year, the Medicare rebate for most consultations lasting up to 10 minutes is dropping from $37.05 to $16.95 starting January 19.

If your doctor bulk bills (does not charge you anything), they will receive $20.05 less for such a consultation. If your doctor charges a private fee, you will receive $20.05 less back from Medicare, meaning your “out of pocket” or “gap fee” will increase by $20.05. Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Image: Abbott's killing Medicare and Dutton helped him. Source: News Corp
Image: Abbott’s killing Medicare and Dutton helped him. Source: News Corp

Abbott failed to have his $7 #GPtax passed by the Senate so he’s found other ways to kill off Medicare. By reducing the Medicare rebate by $20.00, Abbott holds Australia’s Doctors, and patient health — hostage to his hand, as deep as any lover, in our pockets.

If you have two kids, for example, and they both get sick and need a Doctor, there’s $40 before you even by medicine. How’s Abbott’s promise “No changes to Medicare” working for you now Australia?


So, from 19 January 2015, you can look forward to paying $20.00 for a short GP consultation. Those tests you had done a couple of weeks ago, that 5 mins to get the results now costs you 20 bux. Yep! 20 bux. Hardly fair is it? But that’s not all.

What about the $5 co-payment?

The change to short consultations beginning on January 19 comes ahead of other changes to Medicare set to start in July.

If the Senate does not block the changes, from July 1, medicare rebates for all GP consultations, including those up to 10 minutes will be cut by a further $5 for non-concessional patients.

This means children under 16, pensioners, veterans and residents of aged care and nursing homes will be exempt from the change.The $5 cut means that if your doctor bulk bills, they will receive $5 less for your visit.

If they charge a private fee, you will receive $5 less back from Medicare for the visit. So, as of July, Medicare will pay $11.95 towards a visit up to 10 minutes; $32.05 for 10 to 19 minutes, $66.70 for 20 to 39 minutes; and $100.55 for 40 minutes or more.

If your doctor charges a private fee, you will have to pay the gap between the Medicare rebate and what your doctor charges. Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Now, can you see how Abbott’s killing off Medicare? Doctors will have to pass Abbott’s Medicare cuts on to patients. There is no way Doctors can absorb $25 per patient per visit. Does Abbott expect them to treat patients for free?

Abbott’s killing off Medicare

Abbott’s the worst Prime Minister ever. He’s taken Australia backwards in so many ways. Why wouldn’t he destroy Medicare while he’s at it?

Image: Abbott's killing Medicare with the assistance of Dutton, the former Minister for Health. Source: Guardian Australia
Image: Abbott’s killing Medicare with the assistance of Dutton, the former Minister for Health. Source: Guardian Australia

Then there’s the previous Minister for Health, Peter Dutton. Abbott’s killing off Medicare and Dutton was the butcher. A less inspiring individual, you’ll never meet. Dumb as a bag of hammers, Dutton blithely pushed ahead with his proposal to charge everyone a $7 #GPtax on Doctors visits. So what do the Doctors think of Dutton?

Doctors have overwhelmingly voted Peter Dutton the worst health minister in living memory, according to a poll conducted by Australian Doctor magazine. Forty-six per cent of the nearly 1,100 survey respondents voted Dutton the worst health minister in the last 35 years. Source: Guardian Australia

That’s quite an indictment from Doctors. But, my favourite quote about Abbott’s killing Medicare and how Dutton is perceived is this:

“Dutton will be remembered as the dullest, least innovative and most gullible for swallowing the reforms from his thinktank … Although I am glad he has been demoted, it would have been good if he was still around to take responsibility for the current chaos he has caused.” Tasmanian GP Dr Donald Rose Source: Guardian Australia


 Abbott’s killing off Medicare relies on the Senate

Doctors don’t like Abbott’s killing off Medicare. Patients don’t like Abbott’s killing off Medicare. Families don’t like Abbott’s killing off Medicare. Does the Senate like Abbott’s killing off Medicare? How about Campbell Newman? Does he care if Abbott’s killing off Medicare? If he does, why has he been silent about it? That remains to be seen. The ALP have come out and said ‘no’ At this point, Xenophon, Lambie and Muir have all said no. If one of the other Senators says ‘no’ then Abbott will have to try and find another sneaky way to kill off Medicare. Will Glen Lazaruss come on board to block Abbott’s killing off Medicare? #QLDvotes has an opportunity to send a message to Abbott. Change the LNP Government on January 31 and show Abbott his plan to kill off Medicare stinks.

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  1. excellent article,all truth,no deception.that means it is coded so that abbott cannot read or u/stand it.

    • Thank you Patrick. There is no need to lie about this. There *is* nothing good about it. So I just said it was crap from the outset. Other people are sure to find out how bad it is next time they get sick. I just hope and pray that the Senate stops it from being passed. Medicare is what America is trying to do and Abbott’s killing it off.



  2. Hi,
    a topic close to my heart & another great read. Thanks.
    Be good to mention increase in waiting times in emergency depts & consequently increase in elective surgery waiting times.

  3. Just wonder why the medical industry costs so much. Suspect it’s a bit like adding the word “wedding” to anything – pricing automatically seems to double because people think that’s just what it costs. I know it’s not the point here, but every time the numbers are teased out I start thinking about how expensive it is to get sick. This government’s the right side of psychotic to not give a toss who sacrifices what to pay the bill, long as it’s not them. But I’m not sure the AMA’s much different. Currently $40 out of pocket at my GP, and have no reason to believe it won’t soon be $60, simply to pick up a script. A GPs bulk billing minimum’s still going to be $101 per hour potentially, rather more for many practices, and those poverty inducing overheads are fully tax deductible. So yes, while the government’s wrecking Medicare, I’m unable to ignore a major contributor in its overall vulnerability to attack.

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