#4Corners investigates refugee Reza Barati’s murder

Image: Reza Barati was murdered and I want answers
Image: Reza Barati was murdered and I want answers

Thank heavens #4Corners is going to investigate refugee Reza Barati’s murder. It doesn’t look like either Tony Abbott or Scott Morrison are particularly interested in finding out who murdered him.

Irrespective of how and why Reza Barati was in Australia’s refugee offshore detention ‘solution’ is irrelevant.

Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison: Reza Barati’s blood is on your hands.

Reza Barati was a person and he had human rights. He had a life and human life should be respected.

And now, Reza Barati is dead. Not through illness or old age or relatively ‘normal’ circumstances – but through murderous violence.

Whether Reza Barati was here as an illegal refugee or not means nothing to me. Reza Barati died by violence; that is a crime.

Refugee or not, Reza Barati deserves to have his killer(s) brought to justice. Who killed Reza Barati? Where are they now? And what are they doing?

Maybe #4Corners can tell us. I’ll be tuned in, will you?

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